Good Coffee, Good Company

In Partnership with Ethical Bean Coffee

We talked to Andrew from MO and here’s what he had to say:

Why were you excited to brew your first cup?
I was excited to try Ethical Bean Coffee because I love coffee and enjoy supporting brands that promote fair trade practices and organic farming.
Your thoughts on the flavor?
I picked the Lush and I thought the flavor was smooth and rich. It wasn't bitter at all, it almost had a bit of underlying sweetness to it.
Reasons you’ll be keeping Ethical Bean Coffee on hand...
I would keep Ethical Bean Coffee on hand for a quick cup of java at home if I didn't feel like going out to a coffee shop or didn't have time.
Why would you pass this coffee recommendation to a friend?
I would recommend Ethical Bean Coffee to a friend because it seems like high quality coffee to me and supports responsible business and farming practices.
Keep Ethical Bean Coffee in stock at home for a great cup and supporting a good business.

Ethical Bean Coffee