Fair and Fresh

In Partnership with Ethical Bean Coffee

We talked to Josh from CO and here’s what he had to say:

Why were you excited to brew your first cup?
The fact that Ethical Bean is traceable and organic is a big plus. I also noticed the expiration dates are not lengthy which generally means there are no other chemicals being used to preserve the flavor.
Your thoughts on the flavor?
I picked the sweet espresso package and first drank Ethical Bean black. I couldn't notice much of a difference between this product and other similar products when drinking it black. However, after adding some milk, the product had a smoothness to it that I enjoyed and is different than other similar espresso.
Reasons you’ll be keeping Ethical Bean Coffee on hand...
Again, I like that I can trust Ethical Bean to be purely organic and fairly traded. I know the product will be fresh so I appreciate knowing what I'm consuming is being sourced by fairly paid farmers.
Why would you pass this coffee recommendation to a friend?
I think my wife would also enjoy the smoothness of Ethical Bean. She likes black coffee, but also tries to avoid buying products that are not organic, so I could see her appreciating both how the product is sourced and how it tastes.
This is a product you can trust to be fresh and appropriately sourced by fairly paid farmers.

Ethical Bean Coffee