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We talked to Tony from CA and here’s what he had to say:

How did you like the flavor?
I purchased the Stella Solstice Lager. I liked the flavor of this beer. It is light, crisp, and clean. It says on the packaging it has a hint of citrus. I didn't notice that, but I still like this beer.
The ideal pairing for Stella Artois…
Stella Solstice Lager is a very light, clean tasting beer. It would honestly go great with almost anything. I'd enjoy this while watching a basketball game and snacking on chips and salsa or even with dinner. Probably something like chicken since it is a light flavor.
Why you’d share a bottle with a friend…
I bought Stella Solstice Lager. I would definitely recommend this to a friend if they like light tasting, clean, crisp beers. It tastes like summer, perfect for a day at the beach or a barbecue.
What stands out to you the most about Stella Artois?
I tried the Stella Solstice Lager. I really enjoyed the taste and I also liked the packaging. It has a premium look to it.
Stella Solstice Lager is the perfect summertime beer.

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