Hops On Board a Ride To Space Dust

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Kent’s Take On The Flavor
The Elysian beer has a very strong flavor. I like the strong flavor. I taste the hops on the end of a drink and notice it less when I first taste it or when I'm smelling it.
Who He Would Share One With
This is a beer for the more sophisticated beer drinker who wants more flavor and hoppy bitterness than a light beer or traditional ale. I have friends who would like this that track the beers they try and who frequent brew pubs.
His Pairing Recommendation
I would eat a hamburger or sausage like a brat or Italian sausage with Elysian Space Dust. It has such a strong flavor that I don't think it would pair well with something like Italian food.
When He Would Enjoy An Elysian Space Dust IPA
I envision drinking this at a beer pub or a beer tasting event with my high school friends. I could also see bringing this to a cookout or barbeque with my friend who likes trying new beers.

Elysian space Dust is a hop heavy IPA that beer afficienados will enjoy.

Kent, IL

Elysian Space Dust IPA