Hoppy and Delicious

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We talked to Glenn from SC about Elysian Space Dust IPA and here’s what he had to say:

Glenn’s Take On The Flavor
I just finished cutting the grass, and my cold Elysian Space Dust IPA hit the spot! It was hoppy and woke up my taste buds!
Who He Would Share One With
My nephew is a fan of IPAs and he has not tried these, so I plan to invite him over to share one with me. I think he will enjoy.
His Pairing Recommendation
I would pair Elysian Space Dust IPA with pizza. I think the taste would blend well.
When He Would Enjoy An Elysian Space Dust IPA
My favorite time to have a beer is when I have been working hard in the yard. A cold one helps cool me down after sweating. The orange taste is appealing and refreshing.
Elysian Space Dust IPA is refreshing!

Elysian Space Dust IPA