Get Ready For the Unexpected!

In Partnership with Cerveza Patagonia - Drink Responsibly

We talked to Ayhan from FL and here’s what he had to say:

Ayhan On The Taste
I expected Cerveza Patagonia to be an aromatic beer. After my first sip, I felt it was in-between a pilsner and an IPA. I surprisingly liked it! Cerveza Patagonia is not strong to drink. I will probably buy it again for parties.
What He Pairs With His Cerveza Patagonia
I think it would pair Cerveza Patagonia with a snack like nuts. If I drink it with a meal, it would be with salad and grilled chicken. Or salmon cooked in oven fits as well.
Why Ayhan Would Share One
I like trying new products and I am very glad that I tried Patagonia Cerveza. It is a good taste that anybody can bring a six pack for parties with friends for everybody to try and enjoy.
His Take On Patagonia’s Planting Project
For each case, they plant one tree!? Unbelievable. Round of applause for Patagonia.
It was very nice to taste Cerveza Patagonia because I like pilsner types of beer.

Cerveza Patagonia