Quality Ingredients with a Memorable Taste

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We talked to Matt from TN and here’s what he had to say:

Matt’s Thoughts On The Flavor Of My Brother’s Salsa
I chose the Black Bean and Corn salsa. It's a little runny but I like the amount of corn included. It's not hot but has a slight amount of spice.
His Take On The All-Natural Ingredients
I like the natural ingredients which I'm willing to pay more for. I also appreciate My Brother's Salsa being non-GMO. The ingredients list helps to prove why it taste so fresh.
What Matt Would Make With My Brother’s Salsa
I thinks My Brother's Salsa would pair well with a nice piece of wild caught salmon. I would pour it over the grilled piece of fish. The nice heat level would make that a solid combination
Why he Would Serve It
My Brother's Salsa would be a hit at the tailgate. Good spice level makes it good to go in recipes like grilled fish. It also would be great next to a bowl of chips.
My Brother's Salsa is an excellent choice in the salsa aisle when u want quality ingredients with a homemade taste.

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