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We talked to Nate from SD and here’s what he had to say:

Nate’s Thoughts On The Flavor Of My Brother’s Salsa
I thought the flavor of the salsa was actually quite nice. It was light but yet had a slight tang to it. I chose the black bean and corn as my salsa of picking tonight. I enjoyed the corn and black bean because it added a nice texture to the flavor palate of the salsa as well.
His Take On The All-Natural Ingredients
My Brother's Salsa is a nice alternative to other salsas out there. I personally like the fact that you can pronounce all the ingredients and you don't have to guess what a certain ingredient is. I like knowing what is in the ingredients and not having to guess what certain chemicals or dyes are for.
What Nate Would Make With My Brother’s Salsa
I would pair this with any taco any day of the week. It would make a great topping instead of having to use sauces.
Why he Would Serve It
Tacos at my place are a year-round event it would not need to be a special occasion, but any family meal or things like super bowl or holidays would definitely make the cut.
Being able to pronounce and understand all the ingredients in the salsa makes it a great item to buy.

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