Watch Out Yogurt, A New Breakfast Snack Reigns Supreme!

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We talked to M. from WA and here’s what he had to say:

What M. Thought Of The Flavor Of Knudsen’s Cottage Cheese Doubles
I purchased the peach flavored cottage cheese and was pleasantly surprised by the creamy texture and the fruity flavor of the peach gel/purée was way better than I was expecting. Other peach flavored products I have tried, including yogurts, teas and candies, usually have a distinctly non-organic taste. This actually tastes like fresh peaches! Definitely a game changer for quick but nutritious breakfasts!
The Double He Would Try Next. . .
I would be interested to try the pineapple and raspberry flavors because I really enjoy those fruits. I would suggest a kiwi-strawberry or a strawberry-banana because I'm all about the mash-ups baby!!
How Knudsen Simplified M.’s Snacking
This is great for grab and go snacking, but I liken cottage cheese to a breakfast food and would most likely enjoy this on the go in the morning. I wish it was a bit easier to mix though, my spoons are all too big so maybe include a small mixing spoon like in the ice creams we got as kids at school!
M. on The Benefits of Cottage Cheese. . .
I love the health benefits of this product! Not only does it taste good but the protein and potassium start my day off right!
I can't wait to try more!

Knudsens Cottage Doubles

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