Fruit Topping Saves Cottage Cheese!

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We talked to Logan from AZ and here’s what he had to say:

What Logan Thought Of The Flavor Of Knudsen’s Cottage Cheese Doubles
I purchased the Peach flavored Cottage Doubles, so cottage cheese paired with peach topping. I normally do not eat cottage cheese, although I used to a lot when I was younger, with dinner plus salt & pepper. However, the fruit pairing is much different. If you don't mind the texture, this is similar to fruit & yogurt cups, just with a bit of a chunkier texture haha! It's good though, and for $1.00 it's not a bad purchase. I would be willing to try other flavors, I likely will in the future.
The Double He Would Try Next. . .
I'd go full weird and try the Pineapple flavor next! Then, I would go for Raspberry, as I think the tartness of Raspberry would go well with cottage cheese.
How Knudsen Simplified Logan’s Snacking
All I had to do was peel it open and mix the peach topping in as I felt necessary. It's a perfect snack to pack for lunch, just dont forget a spoon! Plastic spoons are fun.
Logan on The Benefits of Cottage Cheese. . .
I like to hear that cottage cheese can improve digestion. Also, a good source of Potassium is always good to have, especially one that tastes great and is easy to eat anywhere and anytime.
Trying cottage cheese mixed with one of my favorite fruits (peaches) has brought cottage cheese back into my life after many years without.

Knudsens Cottage Doubles

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