Cottage Greatness!

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We talked to Solomon from TX and here’s what he had to say:

What Solomon Thought Of The Flavor Of Knudsen’s Cottage Cheese Doubles
I ate the strawberry Cottage Doubles. This is the first time that I actually had cottage cheese raw like this. Usually, I would eat cottage cheese with lasagna cooked in the oven so this was a bit unusual.
The Double he Would Try Next. . .
The next time I would like to give the blueberry cottage cheese a shot. The only flavors they had available were the strawberry and peach. I would tell anyone to eat the pineapple flavor as that’s the choice that I would have picked.
How Knudsen Simplified Solomon’s Snacking
This was actually pretty good if you ask me, I think maybe there should've been a bit more of the jam. But I definitely enjoyed it and it was cold and delicious.
Solomon on The Benefits of Cottage Cheese. . .
A good source of protein was something that was odd to me, that I did not know of. So it would actually be a good thing to eat this delicious snack prior to going to the gym.
The cottage cheese was definitely something different, but I can appreciate the flavors associated with it.

Knudsens Cottage Doubles