Bringing Flavor to Cottage Cheese!

In Partnership with Knudsen

We talked to Scott from OR and here’s what he had to say:

What Scott Thought Of The Flavor Of Knudsen’s Cottage Cheese Doubles
I purchased the blueberry flavored cottage cheese, I am not a fan of cottage cheese at all but I gave it an honest effort and, to my surprise, it was better than I thought it was going to be and I actually ate 3/4 of it on my drive back to work. It definitely change my opinion on cottage cheese in general, so I think it will be a good sell!
The Double he Would Try Next. . .
Like I said previously, unfortunately I'm not a huge fan of cottage cheese at all. The only reason I tried this to begin with was because it was a paid sample but it did change my mind on what I think about cottage cheese now, so I may not go purchase it for myself but I will recommend it others.
How Knudsen Simplified Scott’s Snacking
Eating a substance such as cottage cheese can be messy and the way it was packaged made it very easy for me to eat with a plastic spoon on my drive back to work. I think they did an excellent job with the packaging and the only suggestion I could think of is maybe some kind of spoon to use along with it so no silverware has to be brought along to eat it!
Scott on The Benefits of Cottage Cheese. . .
This is not a product that I personally would buy due to the fact that I just do not like cottage cheese at all, but the packaging is clever and the flavors actually taste pretty good. So, for somebody who likes cottage cheese, this is an excellent source of nutrition. It's healthy and it's easy to eat on the go, so good job. I'm just not your buyer though.
For a healthy, quick, simple snack, this is a way to take a product that some people may not enjoy due to its lack of flavor, bring some excitement to it and make it a go-to favorite!

Knudsens Cottage Doubles