The Healthy Way To Let Your Kids Snack

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We talked to Jack from GA and here’s what he had to say:

What Jack Thought Of The Flavor Of Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese Doubles
I purchased Strawberry. I liked the strawberry flavor cottage cheese. It was very good with crackers. However, I had a hard time getting the strawberry flavoring to roll out into the cottage cheese. I had to break a cracker in half to scoop out into the cottage cheese. What a great idea, though!
The Double He Would Try Next Is. . .
I would suggest chocolate flavor. Everybody loves chocolate. I bet it would be your best seller.
How Breakstone’s Simplified Jack’s Snacking
Breakstone's Cottage Cheese Doubles are great for snacking away from home. Convenient 1 serving size containers make it easy to give to your kids with some carrots or crackers to make sure they are getting a healthy light snack without spoiling their dinner.
Jack On The Benefits of Cottage Cheese
The high protein/low calorie combination is what will make this snack a winner. With kids, you need a healthy yet quick snack that you can bring on the go.
Breakstone's Cottage Cheese Doubles are a tasty, healthy snack that will will give parents peace of mind. Low in calories yet high in protein, this product is a must for kids doing after school activities!

Breakstone's Cottage Doubles

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