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We talked to Phillip from GA and here’s what he had to say:

What Phillip Thought Of The Flavor Of Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese Doubles
I chose the strawberry pairing . I absolutely love all things strawberry. I knew I couldn't go wrong with it.
The Double he Would Try Next Is. . .
I would go for peach. I love peaches and I believe that they would pair great with cottage cheese.
How Breakstone’s Simplified Phillip’s Snacking
Everyone has that time in the day when they want that treat. But if you're like me, You don’t need that chocolate donut. You need something that you won't pay for the next day at the gym or when you try to get your pants fastened. This is a healthier high protein snack that can help break from the sweets.
Phillip On The Benefits of Cottage Cheese
I love the health benefits. It's always good to have a delicious snack that can add to your daily intake of probiotics and protein.
Say no to the donut!

Breakstone's Cottage Doubles