Grab And Go With Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese Doubles.

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We talked to Nick from AL and here’s what he had to say:

What Nick Thought Of The Flavor Of Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese Doubles
I purchased the peach flavor of Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese. I don’t like most cottage cheese, but I liked the sweet peaches combined with the cottage cheese. It was great and I haven't tried something like it before.
The Double he Would Try Next Is. . .
I’d like to try the Pineapple Cottage Cheese Double next. Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits. I would also love a blood orange flavored one.
How Breakstone’s Simplified Nick’s Snacking
The Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese Doubles is a very convenient grab and go snack. I like how it’s pre-portioned. You just flip the fruit over and eat.
Nick On The Benefits of Cottage Cheese
I definitely like that cottage cheese is a good source of protein and helps you maintain blood sugar levels. It’s so important to have healthy snack options when you're busy and on the go.
I'd definitely buy Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese again.

Breakstone's Cottage Doubles