Breakstone's Cottage Doubles: Snacking Made Healthy

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We talked to Mark from AR and here’s what he had to say:

What Mark Thought Of The Flavor Of Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese Doubles
I purchased the peach flavor of Breakstone's Cottage Doubles, and it was quite tasty and good! The sweetness of the peach with the creamy cheese made a really pleasing flavor combination, as well as a nice texture.
The Double He Would Try Next Is. . .
I think I would try the strawberry flavor next, as I really think I would like a tangier fruit flavor with the cottage cheese. Strawberry is one of my favorite flavors, and I believe the tangy punch would go well with the creamy cottage cheese.
How Breakstone’s Simplified Mark’s Snacking
The packages are nice and compact, easy to carry in a small lunchbox, while also providing a small serving of dairy and fruit. The two sections worked together nicely, had nice proportions of the peaches and cheese, and my spoon fit perfectly into the peaches section to get every last little bit!
Mark On The Benefits of Cottage Cheese
I think having a healthy snack like this one, with all of the benefits as well as the convenient packaging, makes it easier to choose food like this over less healthy options. Digestive issues run in my family, and a snack that assists my health in that way is even more of a reason to choose this over others.
It's a really tasty, healthy snack that I look forward to having whenever I need a little energy boost in the middle of my day.

Breakstone's Cottage Doubles

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