I Found a Tasty, Healthy Treat

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We talked to James from OH and here’s what he had to say:

James On The Flavor Of Fruitlove Spoonable Smoothies
I chose the Blueberry Dream flavor. It had a bright, fruity taste. The texture was smooth and pleasant.
Things That Can Make Eating Nutritiously Hard For him...
Sometimes the taste of nutritional foods lack a good flavor. And, often times they go bad sooner than other items.
How Fruitlove Spoonable Smoothies Simplify Eating Right
With everything blended together smoothly, it is very convenient to eat them. I love that this product is good for me, too.
The Smoothie James Will Try Next...
I would like to try the Strawberry Banana flavor next. It looked like it would have a great taste as well.
The Fruitlove Spoonable Smoothie Bowl was a delicious treat that thankfully is good for me too!

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