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We talked to Emmanuel from WI and here’s what he had to say:

Emmanuel On The Flavor Of Fruitlove Spoonable Smoothies
The flavor was less sweet than I was expecting. I could really taste the fruit when I was eating it.
Things That Can Make Eating Nutritiously Hard For him...
The presentation of the nutritional food is the problem. Eating a whole banana or another fruit can look pretty daunting when they are in their natural form.
How Fruitlove Spoonable Smoothies Simplify Eating Right
The company blends the fruits together, making it easy to consume. The packaging also makes taking it with you easy, with the lid and detachable spoon.
The Smoothie Emmanuel Will Try Next...
I would like to try Strawberry Banana Twirl next. It's a flavor combination that is right up my alley when it comes to fruit.
Fruitlove Spoonable Smoothie Bowl is a great and affordable way to get fruit into your diet.

Fruitlove Spoonable Smoothies