York Simple Dessert for Any Party

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We talked to Brian from TX and here’s what he had to say:

Brian’s Take: Why Choose York
York Desserts are a quick, delicious dessert that has a great flavor and is​ very easy to make. The flavors were just right, not overwhelming. It was just the right amount and not too rich where you feel like you ate too much or had a bad aftertaste you can get with some products.
His Thoughts On The Flavor
I was able to try both the York Peppermint Pudding and the York Peppermint No Bake. The flavor was not the same as a York Peppermint Patty but it was very close and did bring good feeling when eating.
What he Thought Of The Prep
York Desserts were very easy to prep and make the cupcakes and pudding. I just followed the simple directions on the box and everything came together quickly.
Why Brian Picks York For The Holidays
The York Desserts would be a great, quick thing to make and have the right flavor to brighten any holiday party. It might be nice to change the dessert up a little just because I think that putting the two together would be nice and would not change the flavor.
York Desserts are simple flavorful desserts to lighten any party quickly.

York No Bake Dessert Bites + Pudding