A New Twist to a Holiday Tradition

In Partnership with York

We talked to William from WV and here’s what he had to say:

William’s Take: Why Choose York
York reminds me of warm, holiday cheer! I can remember being a young child and eating York peppermint patties with my family and really just enjoying the warm cool refreshing taste. This York dessert seems like it could be added to any holiday meal for a new and refreshing twist to the traditions we're so used to.
His Thoughts On The Flavor
I tried the York Peppermint No Bake dessert bites but decided to make it into a pie for an elegant touch to a new taste at the dessert table. I think this could be the perfect end to any family dinner.
What he Thought Of The Prep
The preparation of the dessert bites into a pie was super simple and easy. Just grab the ingredients from your fridge and mix. After mixing, just prepare the way you want with the super simple directions and you're good to go.
Why William Picks York For The Holidays
This dessert would a perfect task for a teenager or to watch as your children prepare it. It's super simple and would make a great new twist to all the old traditions. Instead of sharing peppermint patties you can share pie or bites.
This dessert would be an amazing new addition to the dessert table this holiday season, with super easy prep to great taste I promise you'll be happy you did.

York No Bake Dessert Bites + Pudding