Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream a New Holiday Must-Have!

In Partnership with Biscoff

We talked to Larry from MI and here’s what he had to say:

Larry On The Flavor Of Biscoff Ice Cream
The Original Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream was smooth and creamy. Nice subtle vanilla taste. A special treat for family and guests. The chocolate brownie was also a delight. Rich chocolate taste, not too sweet, just right. The crumbly cookie sprinkles on top complete the ice cream delight.
The Memory Biscoff Brings Back. . .
This was my first experience with Lotus Biscoff. The ice cream and cookies were just great, and I will definitely be looking to try all Biscoff has to offer.
The Flavor he’d Like To Scoop Up Next
I am a cheesecake lover especially during the holidays​ and would like to try the Blueberry Cheesecake next.
Why Larry Would Share A Pint
I would definitely recommend Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream to anyone. It has a ​unique, smooth taste that is not overpowering.
Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream with help make your holiday season one of the best ever!

Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream