Blue Bunny Hops Into Town With Loaded Ice Cream Cone Delights!

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We talked to Larry from MI and here’s what he had to say:

Larry’s Take On Load’d Ice Cream Cones
I chose the Bunny Tracks Blue Bunny Load'd Cones. The cones are delicious. Rich vanilla ice cream loaded with peanuts, fudge, caramel, and chocolate.
The Best Part Of His Cone...
Blue Bunny Load'd Cones have a great combination of flavors and textures. The Blue Bunny Load'd Cones make a great tasting dessert with soft vanilla, crunchy peanuts, and a sugar cone.
Larry’s Next Blue Bunny Pick
I want to try the Strawberry Blue Bunny Load'd Cones next. I believe the rich creamy vanilla ice cream loaded with strawberries will be excellent.
How They Add Fun To His Day
The Blue Bunny Load'd Cones make summer more fun. A great cold treat to enjoy on a hot day! Because they are loaded, they are filling too! Just one after dinner and I was satisfied for the remainder of the day!
Blue Bunny Load'd Cones are a new frozen treat sensation!

Blue Bunny Load’d Cones