Mario Organic Olives, I Think I Love You

In Partnership with Mario

We had Joe from NC try Mario Organic Olives. Here’s what he had to say:

Joe's Favorite Thing About These Olives
I love the delicious taste of Mario Organic Olives. I have never tried this brand of olives before and I was completely blown away by the richness and all out flavor of the brand.
His Ideal Pairing
I would love to drop one of these Olives into a nice cold (shaken not stirred) Martini. I imagine these would also pair well with a nice cheddar cheese and a glass of red wine. Yummmm.
Why Joe Would Keep Mario Organic Olives On Hand
I plan on keeping a stock of Mario Organic Olives on hand at all times as these are a great snack. They are very affordable and hit the taste palate just right. I am in love with these olives.
The Reason He'd Recommend Them To A Friend
I would recommend Mario Organic Olives to a friend because they are very low calorie and taste amazing. I am all for health conscious snacks as well as something to hold me off before dinner.
Mario Organic Olives are the taste of perfection!

Mario Organic Olives