Mario Organic Delivers A Hint Of Joy With A Hint Of Olive Oil

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We had Michael from FL try Mario Organic Olives. Here’s what he had to say:

Michael's Favorite Thing About These Olives
Today was my first introduction to Mario Organic Olives. Immediately, I was drawn to these olives when I saw on the label that they're made locally in Plant City, Florida. I chose the stuffed green olives with real pimento and a hint of olive oil, because a true southerner loves anything with pimento! As soon as I put the first olive in my mouth, I could taste the freshness of it being locally made. Also, the description of "a hint of olive oil," is spot on. It gave these olives a uniquely smooth, less bitter taste, which was quite unexpected. I'm pretty selective about the olives I'll eat, because I often find them to be too bitter. Mario Organic has perfected the art of giving its olives just a hint of sweetness with that touch of olive oil.
His Ideal Pairing
Mario Organic Olives would be perfect to serve with homemade pimento cheese and your favorite glass of white wine. I can't think of a better summertime meal.
Why Michael Would Keep Mario Organic Olives On Hand
I would keep these on hand to enjoy as an appetizer or a garnish in a Martini. Now that the pandemic is nearing its end, we can begin to have family and friends visit. Mario Organic Olives would be a great way to welcome them into your home.
The Reason He'd Recommend Them To A Friend
The real pimento filling and the hint of olive oil gives these olives a flavor I've not tasted in other olives. It's different and unexpected, which makes it a great compliment to almost anything you serve.
Mario Organic has combined a Southern favorite with an Italian staple to make a perfectly-flavored olive.

Mario Organic Olives