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We talked to Daniel from NY and here’s what he had to say:

Daniel On The Variety Of Butterball Premium Snacks
I purchased the Citrus Teriyaki flavor. Inside the pack are the turkey, sesame sticks, and dried pineapple. The combination of these snacks provide a great taste. The pineapple is great as a dessert because of its sweetness. And the sesame stick is salty and tastes good as an appetizer.
What he Thought Of The Turkey
The overall taste of the turkey slice is great. The turkey slices have the right amount of saltiness. Also, the thickness is perfect. And the texture is good; it is not too hard or too soft.
Why he’d Keep A Stash On Hand
I would like to have Butterball Premium Snacks again because it is easy to eat. And I could see myself eating this snack when I am traveling and eating food on the go. It would also be great as a lunch at work because it doesn't need to be microwaved. And the portion size is just right.
The Flavor Daniel Wants To Try Next
I would like to try the Thanksgiving flavor next. I think it really stands out because turkey is one of the food that many people eat during Thanksgiving dinner. I want to see how it would taste compared to the turkey I ate last Thanksgiving.
Butterball Premium Snacks are great-tasting turkey snacks for eating at home and on the go.

Butterball Premium Snacks