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We talked to Kevin from WI and here’s what he had to say:

How Michael Angelo’s Brought The Flavor Of Italy To Kevin’s Home
I absolutely love the homestyle flavor and wholesome simple ingredients which give a bold taste of freshness. The meat and ricotta cheese flavors jump out with each bite. The texture is perfect and it tastes like it was just made at a high-end restaurant.
Who Kevin Shared Michael Angelo’s Lasagna With
I shared Michael Angelo's Lasagna with my wife and daughter. They loved the flavor and thought I must have brought this home from a restaurant. We made this instead of going out for a meal and we're glad we did because it gave us a chance to share stories about our day.
How It Simplified Cooking For his Group
Michael Angelo's Lasagna is so easy to make because all you do is heat up your oven and pop it in! I love the size of each container and how much lasagna is in each. We chose not to serve anything with our lasagna and this turned out to be fine because we were stuffed from lasagna alone!
The Michael Angelo’s Meal he’d Try Next
l would love to try the Chicken Bruschetta next. I've had the dish in a restaurant, but have never had it in my home. This would be a perfect dish to serve when my family comes to visit.
Michael Angelo's Lasagna brings an easy to make restaurant quality dish into your home without the restaurant price.

Michael Angelo's Lasagna