Lasagna Masterpiece!

In Partnership with Michael Angelo's

We talked to Chris from GA and here’s what he had to say:

How Michael Angelo’s Brought The Flavor Of Italy To Chris’s Home
Michael Angelo's Lasagna was very flavorful of real Italian spices which I seek in pre prepared lasagna. The tomato sauce was authentic and rich. The meat was noticeably plentiful and the cheese had a high quality taste. The texture of the dish was consistent with what I get at restaurants.
Who Chris Shared Michael Angelo’s Lasagna With
My family is who I shared with, and they loved the lasagna. This product is very convenient to just bake and eat especially on busy school/work nights. My family is growing and meals together are getting less and less.
How It Simplified Cooking For his Group
It was so easy to prepare! One always has plenty of time while it bakes to prepare sides and the dinner table. The portion is more than the four of us can eat.
The Michael Angelo’s Meal he’d Try Next
I would like to try the Chicken Bruschetta because my family like chicken Italian dishes. The description sounds very desirable and tasty!
Michael Angelo's Lasagna is a masterpiece worthy of its namesake!

Michael Angelo's Lasagna