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We talked to Toure from NJ and here’s what he had to say:

Why Toure Chooses Beetnik Organic…
I love meatballs! I love Beetnik meatballs because they are seasoned well and have a slight kick to them. They make for the perfect guilt-free meal, as you know that the meat was humanely made. I like how easy this product is to prepare. I can have a delicious meal in four minutes.

His Perfect Pair…
I would pair these meatballs with garlic bread and pasta as they would traditionally be prepared. These flavors complement each other and are destined to be together.

Toure on Beetnik’s Health Benefits…
I appreciate the non-GMO aspect, as this a rising concern in America. I like it when food is untampered with GMO-wise. I also like the low-sodium aspect, as high sodium is a growing epidemic.

Toure Would Share Beetnik With…
I would recommend these to everyone, as they are a healthy alternative to junk food and fast food. Other people will enjoy these meatballs once they see how good they taste.

And of course, Beetnik Organic Meatballs

Beetnik’s commitment to producing natural food is refreshing, delicious, and long overdue.

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Beetnik Organic Meatballs

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