Benefits Of Organic Foods

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We talked to Wilmer from FL and here’s what he had to say:

Why Wilmer Chooses Beetnik Organic…
A Beetnik meal is very easy to prepare, tastes fresh but has a very low sodium flavor. The size of the portion could be a bit bigger if you are going to eat as lunch. Because it is made of organic food, it is a great choice and is free of hormones and antibiotics which is something you don’t see often.

His Perfect Pair…
I think a Beetnik meal would be better with a little more salt. Beans would be a pretty good side. In my personal opinion homemade frozen fruits (eg a smoothie) would be a great drink for this because it is sugar free and would complement the small size portion of this meal.

Wilmer on Beetnik’s Health Benefits…
Basically organic foods are a great way to help to improve your health, lower your cholesterol, lower your weight and lower your blood pressure.

Wilmer Would Share Beetnik With…
I think my wife would enjoy a Beetnik meal because it is made of organic foods and organic is much better for people of all ages.

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