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We talked to Peter from FL and here’s what he had to say:

Why Peter Chooses Beetnik Organic…
I bought the Beetnik chicken chili flavor; I really enjoyed the fresh chicken. It was a good portion for one person as well.

His Perfect Pair…
I would probably add a little more spice to my next Beetnik since I really enjoy spicy meals or maybe even add more broth to it.

Peter on Beetnik’s Health Benefits…
I think more companies should follow this type of health awareness, since more issues like gluten and food allergies are becoming more common. Gluten free meals are popular and beneficial, as well as organic products, so companies that indulge in these will gather a large fan base.

Peter Would Share Beetnik With…
The first person that came to mind to share a Beetnik meal with is my friend Giselle. She is always looking for healthy meals, but is also picky, so I am curious to see her thoughts about this product.

And of course, Beetnik Organic Meals

Beetnik is a great healthy choice if you want a quick easy meal.

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