Plant-Based Yogurt as Creamy as Dairy

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We talked to Mike from OK about Oui By Yoplait and here’s what he had to say:

Your thoughts on dairy-free?
For those in the family who can't have dairy, this is a great alternative. It has the same creamy consistency. I'm excited to try this plant-based vanilla Oui By Yoplait.
What’s your take on this non-dairy, french style yogurt?
Wow! I tried the vanilla flavor and loved it! It's really creamy and has pleasant coconut and vanilla flavors. My 7-year-old daughter tried it and loved it too. I like that it has a short list of simple, natural ingredients. I could definitely replace dairy yogurt with this if the price remains consistently competitive.
Why would you reach for Oui again?
I would try more Oui By Yoplait products based on my experience with the vanilla variety I tried. It was super creamy and has a light, sweet taste of coconut and vanilla. It tastes very fresh too.
Are you planning to repurpose the glass pot?
I'm going to let my 7-year-old daughter see if she could use it for any of her crafts. If not, I'll probably use it to hold loose change in my car.
The Oui By Yoplait vanilla has a really creamy texture with lightly sweet vanilla and coconut flavors.

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