When The Egg Is Happy So Is Your Stomach

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We talked to Jeff from GA and here’s what he had to say:

Jeff's New Year’s Resolution
My New Year's resolution is to become self-employed. I currently own my own business and am working hard and am on my way there. I chose this because I enjoy what I do and learn something new every day. I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead in 2019 and hope to conquer them all.
His Healthy Recipe, Made With Happy Eggs
I am a big egg eater and I've never tried this brand of eggs before. I am going to start simple, with just good, old-fashioned scrambled eggs.
Why he Thinks You’d Like It Too...
I would recommend this recipe because it is simple and easy to make.
Jeff On Cage-Free vs. Pasture Raised Free Range
While I did not know the difference in the eggs, I still remain indifferent when it comes to how the hens are raised.
A Happy Egg is a good egg.

The Happy Egg Co. 12 Count Eggs

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