What’s Crackin’?

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We talked to Kevin from CA and here’s what he had to say:

How Kevin has Prepared his Eggs
I prepared my eggs over easy, after applying liberal amounts of butter, salt, and pepper. The eggs tasted delicious.
His Perfect Pairing…
I like to make a sandwich out of my over easy eggs using buttered sourdough bread. The tanginess of the sourdough, saltiness of the egg, and buttery goodness makes it a good start to the day.
Kevin's Thought's on Free Range
It’s actually a very informative graphic. I wasn't fully aware of the differences. It's very succinct without being too wordy (which is often the case with “organic/healthy” food offerings).
Kevin's Favorite Fall Activity
My family and I love going to the beach at low tide, specifically looking for sea glass, but also seeing what else is in the jetsam.
Great tasting eggs produced the old-school way.

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