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We talked to Gabriel from NV and here’s what he had to say:

Gabriel's New Year’s Resolution
My New Year's resolution is to eat healthier. I chose this because not too many people take into consideration what kind of bad and harmful stuff they put in their body. This year I'm dedicated to eating healthy and working out, to have a good and healthy body.
His Healthy Recipe, Made With Happy Eggs
I like to make my eggs simple and fast, so just a good, old-fashioned scrambled egg with toast and some fruits on the side is perfect for me.
Why he Thinks You’d Like It Too...
I would recommend this recipe because it's fast, healthy, and good, and you don't have to make a big mess. It's good if you're in a hurry or just want something simple.
Gabriel On Cage-Free vs. Pasture Raised Free Range
Free range is a much nicer way of treating hens or chickens. I was not aware of the difference between free range or cage free eggs. I think they taste absolutely better than just any normal eggs.
The good old Happy Egg Co. did its part for me: Happy Eggs happy me.

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