The Range Free Chicken: The Way Our Eggs Should Be Made.

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We talked to Kenny from TN and here’s what he had to say:

Kenny's New Year’s Resolution
My New Year's resolution is to do more for other people. I haven't been helping others as much as I’d like lately. I had to put myself first lately because I've had a rough year. But I see light at the end of the tunnel and look forward to helping as many people as I can next year!!!
His Healthy Recipe, Made With Happy Eggs
I would fry an egg and slice up some potatoes and fry them as well. Then I’d add some cheddar cheese and pepper jack cheese. Then I would slice up some jalapeños and add them to give it a little kick.
Why He Thinks You’d Like It Too...
I recommend it because for one it’s something quick and easy to make. It is also the perfect football season food. Especially whip some up for the Super Bowl.
Kenny On Cage-Free vs. Pasture Raised Free Range
I think free range chickens will produce better tasting eggs. They are happier than caged hens and it will show in the eggs they produce.
Range free chickens make my tastebuds say HEY!

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