Popsicles Stand Aside

In Partnership with Halo Top

We talked to John from TN about Halo Top Fruit Pops and here’s what he had to say:

Why These Fruit Pops Caught John’s Attention
I was excited to try the Halo Top Fruit Pops. I loved the pineapple flavor as it didn't taste artificial. The consistency of the bars were excellent, making them soft enough to bite into from the onset.
His Flavor Of Choice
The pineapple was not only in balance and delicious, but authentic. Artificial fruit flavor can be so overpoweringly sweet.
John's Take On The Nutritional Value
I love that they are more natural sugars from real fruit. Too many sweets are "fruit flavored" versus containing actual fruit.
Why He'd Keep Halo Top Fruit Pops Stocked
I would recommend Halo Top Fruit Pops to friends and family. The taste is excellent, good for adults, and the nutrition is such that you don't have to avoid recommending them to kids.
Halo Top Fruit Pops were authentic, delicious, and low calorie.

Halo Top Fruit Pops