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We talked to Adam from CA and here’s what he had to say:

Adam's New Year’s Resolution
My personal goal is to reduce my total body fat to 9% by March 30, 2019. I will also find a new job by the first quarter of 2019. I am currently working towards both goals. My current body fat is 11.7% and I'm actively applying for new jobs as I see matches.
His Healthy Recipe, Made With Happy Eggs
I will be making scrambled eggs with spinach and zucchini mixed in. In order to accomplish my goals, I will need to remove the egg yolks on 3 of the eggs and include one full egg with the yolk included. Including one yolk still gives it enough flavor with the other 3 egg whites.
Why he Thinks You’d Like It Too...
This recipe is a healthy way to eat eggs and it gives you the option of adding hot sauce if you like it spicy or ketchup it you prefer it sweet. Or just salt and pepper tastes great too!
Adam On Cage-Free vs. Pasture Raised Free Range
It's very interesting. I was not aware of the differences between cage free and free range. If I was a chicken, I would want to live at Happy Egg Co. and I would hang out in the free range. I like my freedom and I'm sure as a chicken I would feel the same way.
If I was a chicken, I would move to Happy Egg Co. because there’s no range like the free range at Happy Egg Co.

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