Happy Eggs Make Me Happy!

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We talked to Carl from CO and here’s what he had to say:

How Carl has Prepared His Eggs
I prepared the two eggs over medium. This is the way I ALWAYSprepare them and the flavor was fantastic.
His Perfect Pairing…
I have two over medium eggs every day with coffee for breakfast. I frequently mix eggs with cheddar cheese and pico de gallo...and hot sauce... WOW!
Carl's Thought's on Free Range
I was not aware of the difference. Happy Eggs will be my egg of choice because I know that I would be happier roaming over a lot larger area!😁 And it stands to reason that a happy chicken lays more flavorful eggs!
Carl's Favorite Fall Activity
I like to attend Fall festivals. I love the smells of autumn...WOW!!
Happy Eggs are the perfect addition to great testing breakfasts!!

Happy Egg 12 Count Eggs

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