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We talked to Rhett from WA and here’s what he had to say:

How Rhett has Prepared His Eggs
I prepared these eggs over easy because I like to have some of the yolk in liquid form as it adds flavor to the overall taste of the eggs. These yolks were a vibrant orange color which is a great sign and they tasted fresh and very smooth.
His Perfect Pairing…
I typically prepare my eggs with either toast or hash brown potatoes as it complements them well and the over easy yolk is very good with both hash browns and toast. I will often add some cheddar cheese to the eggs halfway through cooking them so that it melts over the top of the egg and cheesy eggs are delicious. Orange juice is great to drink with them because it is slightly acidic and slightly sweet which brings all the flavors together.
Rhett's Thought's on Free Range
I did not know the difference between free range vs cage free however after looking at the inside lid of the carton it is very clear to me. I know that the diet and life of the chicken has a huge effect on the egg quality, and the fact that Happy Egg allows 8 acres of outdoor access clearly explains why the yolks are such a beautiful vibrant orange. It will make me think about which eggs I purchase in the future.
Rhett's Favorite Fall Activity
My favorite fall activity is carving pumpkins by the fire while it is cold outside. I also love baking pumpkin spice flavored everything!
The Happy Eggs name is so fitting because they come from Happy Chickens and this is clearly reflected in their quality and taste.

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