Happy Chickens, Happy Eggs

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We talked to Jeremy from GA and here’s what he had to say:

How Jeremy has Prepared his Eggs
My choice in making my eggs is either scrambled or fried, for the first particular session of cooking I decide to go with scrambled since the whole family was eating eggs for dinner tonight. The scrambled eggs came out fluffy and Light it was a lot more eggs than was expected for six eggs. The second round was fried, I do my fried egg sandwich in the morning, it was very delicious. hit the spot perfect. I didn't feel like I need another egg sandwich.
His Perfect Pairing…
When I do scrambled eggs I like to pair my eggs with grits, bacon, toast, and hash browns. A cold glass of chocolate milk to pair with it. It's a nostalgic meal, reminds me of being younger. As for my morning fried egg, I usually make a sandwich with mayo mustard and pickle with a cup of black coffee.
Jeremy's Thought's on Free Range
It says in the inside of the carton that happy egg is 8 Acres of outdoor access to the chickens. Cage-free is never outdoors and standard free-range is less than an acre Outdoors. I have grown up around range free chickens and have several family members that raise their own. You can tell a difference in the size of egg that is laid from a chicken that is not raised in stressed environment such as free range versus your typical mass production egg laying chickens.
Jeremy's Favorite Fall Activity
Any activity that we can do together as a family, those are the best activities.
Want a good egg, get it from a happy chicken.

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