The Fascinating Blue Eggs From Happy Egg Co.

In Partnership with The Happy Egg Co.

We talked to Minh from TX and here’s what he had to say:

Minh on the Colors of Heritage Breed Shells
I’ve never seen bluish eggs in the grocery store. I think the carton stands out and the eggs looked fun to try, which makes me want to buy them.
What he Thought of the Rich Amber Yolk. . .
I’m amazed at how rich the yolk looks. The normal eggs I buy now look inferior.
His Thoughts on Heritage Breed’s Distinct Flavor
I made scrambled eggs which tasted a little better than the normal eggs, but not dramatically better. I think the color of the egg is the best asset.
Minh on Happy Egg’s Commitment to Free-Range Farming. . .
I think hen welfare is great, not only for the consumer but also for the hens. I prefer products that are more friendly to the animals that produce them.
These eggs are definitely a topic of conversation in and out of the grocery store. I would buy them again.

Happy Egg Heritage Breed 12 Count Eggs