Happy Eggs, Happy Colors, Happy Me

In Partnership with The Happy Egg Co.

We talked to Alex from CA and here’s what he had to say:

Alex on the Colors of Heritage Breed Shells
The blue coloring caught me by surprise and reminded me of Easter and I am super excited to try them.
What he Thought of the Rich Amber Yolk. . .
I love the deeper color of the yolk and curious why they are more rich in color.
His Thoughts on Heritage Breed’s Distinct Flavor
The flavor was more full and the yolk was almost creamier than that of typical eggs. The rich flavor really accompanied the bacon well.
Alex on Happy Egg’s Commitment to Free-Range Farming. . .
I love the fact that Happy Egg Co. takes pride in the free range hens and cares about the health of the hens and ultimately the consumer.
These eggs have bright colors for a bright start to the day.

Happy Egg Heritage Breed 12 Count Eggs