Happy Eggs Are The Best Eggs!

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We talked to Steven from FL and here’s what he had to say:

Steven on the Colors of Heritage Breed Shells
I had never seen a egg with a blue color before or ones so rich in brown color. This was a really unique type of egg, especially the blue ones. I could not wait to try them out.
What he Thought of the Rich Amber Yolk. . .
The yolk was a very dark mix. It looked like a really rich reddish and brown mix. I was surprised by the color since it was such a dark shade especially in comparison to that of typical eggs which come in a bright yellow.
His Thoughts on Heritage Breed’s Distinct Flavor
The flavor was very rich and tasty and was thoroughly enjoyable. I used them in making my own breakfast sandwich with cheese on a plain bagel. The egg cooked better than typical normal eggs and had a really full look to it.
Steven on Happy Egg’s Commitment to Free-Range Farming. . .
The idea of free range eggs is great. This gives the opportunity for hens and the eggs they produce the ability to be raised in as normal an environment as possible with the best results being gained from this method.
The Happy Egg Heritage Breed Eggs were unique and far surpassed my initial thoughts when first seen.

Happy Egg Heritage Breed 12 Count Eggs