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We talked to Sam from TX and here’s what he had to say:

Sam on the Colors of Heritage Breed Shells
The colors are entirely different. I never had blue eggs before and it was hard for me to imagine that they were laid by hens. That actually got me interested to see if they tasted different.
What He Thought of the Rich Amber Yolk. . .
The yolk has deep coloring that is darker than the usual yolk. We can easily distinguish that these are natural. The yolk has a more eggy taste compared to the commodity eggs.
His Thoughts on Heritage Breed’s Distinct Flavor
I loved the flavor; as I said before, it feels like tasting two eggs in one.
Sam on Happy Egg’s Commitment to Free-Range Farming. . .
Natural is always better than artificial. Instead of binding the hens to a certain atmosphere, having them in their natural habitat and using those eggs gives me good healthy stuff, so I always prefer that.
Happy hens lay Happy Eggs which makes me happy when I eat them.

Happy Egg Heritage Breed 12 Count Eggs

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