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We talked to Markus from CA and here’s what he had to say:

Markus on the Colors of Heritage Breed Shells
These eggs not only taste delicious, but they’re also beautiful. I have never had eggs that looked this natural. I was pleasantly surprised to see the multicolored eggs.
What He Thought of the Rich Amber Yolk. . .
These eggs have yolks that are bright orange. I thought they were fake. Most eggs have egg yolks that are yellow, but not these eggs. They look so fresh and high end.
His Thoughts on Heritage Breed’s Distinct Flavor
I scrambled them and they tasted so fresh. I have never tasted an eggs so delicious. I am in shock!
Markus on Happy Egg’s Commitment to Free-Range Farming. . .
These chickens must be really happy and therefore they create quality eggs. It makes me more interested in finding out more about them and buying their product instead of my standard white eggs, which are boring.
These are farm fresh eggs that are available at my local supermarket. Who would’ve known these were available away from the farm?

Happy Egg Heritage Breed 12 Count Eggs

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