Eggs Back To Their Roots.

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We talked to John from AZ and here’s what he had to say:

How John has Prepared his Eggs
I prepared the eggs fried over easy. I like my eggs that way because I’d like to dip my toast in the yolk. The yoke had a very buttery flavor to it but afterwards I did not have a residue left in my mouth. I have had eggs before and it almost feels like they've got a greasy texture to them. I am an organic egg guy and I would probably purchase these in the future.
His Perfect Pairing…
I like to have my eggs either with an English muffin or hash brown patties, crispy bacon, organic turkey sausage, and orange juice mixed with cranberry juice.
John's Thought's on Free Range
It tells me that the chickens are able to roam and socialize together as they feed and even possibly are able to forage a bit for themselves i.e. bugs and insects. Free range meaning that they are able to maneuver over a large area of ground.
John's Favorite Fall Activity
Living in the desert this time of year is great because we can venture out into the desert more without the excessive heat. Cooking fall favorites i.e. some nice comfort foods and socializing together with family and friends is great.
Feeling good about eating delicious eggs!

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