Whipped Is the New Black

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We talked to Scott from AZ and here’s what he had to say:

Scott On The Taste of Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese
The texture is awesome! Now that whipped cream cheese is a thing, I never want to go back to that hard unspreadable regular cream cheese again! The taste is good, a little light, but that's better than being too strong. Tastes real and not fake. I got the mixed berry flavor.
What He Would Pair Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese With…
Any carb really. Waffles, pancakes, french toast, fries, etc. When you want a little something sweet (for the berry one) this would work perfectly!
…When He Would Serve That Combo
I would serve it to the family. It would be good for breakfast foods, dinner or a light dessert.
The Flavor Scott Would Like to Try Next
A vegetable one would be good. That's the flavor we usually get. It has dehydrated veggie pieces and is a pretty neutral flavor.
Whipped cream cheese is the best invention since whipped cream cheese!

Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese

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