Shockingly Good

In Partnership with Philadelphia

We talked to Kevin from IA and here’s what he had to say:

Kevin On The Taste of Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese
I choose the original flavor of cream cheese because I have a preference for unflavored cream cheese. The cream cheese was amazingly easy to spread, it was just like frosting on the bagel I tried.
What he Would Pair Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese With…
We thought to use this whipped cream cheese for the filling of crab Rangoon. With the smoothness and consistency it would make an excellent dish.
…When he Would Serve That Combo
We would make crab rangoon and serve them with dinner meals.
The Flavor Kevin Would Like to Try Next
I would be open to trying the mixed berry flavor next. Just to see how that compares to the original.
This was shockingly good and fantastic as a spread.

Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese