Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese: An Improvement To Regular Cream Cheese

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We talked to Benjamin from NC and here’s what he had to say:

Benjamin On The Taste of Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese
I chose the Original flavor of the Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese. It was creamy, light, fluffy and easily spreadable.
What he Would Pair Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese With…
I would pair the Whipped Cream Cheese with pound cake. This is something I tried and it’s a good pairing with pound cake because it gives the cake a creamy texture, considering some pound cake can be a little dry.
…When he Would Serve That Combo
I would serve the pound cake and cream cheese as a light dessert after a dinner party or as a mid day snack.
The Flavor Benjamin Would Like to Try Next
I would try the Chive flavor. The reason why I would try the Chive flavor is because it could be paired with pita bread, crackers or maybe even a turkey sandwich to give it more flavor.
Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese is a light, creamy, and airy cream cheese that is easily spreadable and great for dipping salty snacks or vegetables.

Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese