Once You've Tried Whipped Cream Cheese You'll Never Want Unwhipped Again

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We talked to Justin from OH and here’s what he had to say:

Justin On The Taste of Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese
I chose original as it was the only option available. The texture was lighter and fluffier than normal cream cheese. It was easier to spread and the flavor was enriched by the creaminess.
What he Would Pair Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese With…
Pairing this with avocado toast would go well. It pairs well with crackers for a quick and easy snack as well. The avocado toast would make a good quick fairly healthy snack/meal. Crackers and cream cheese make a quick and easy snack.
…When he Would Serve That Combo
I would likely have it as a snack or a quick lunch. i would likely share it with my children as well since they always want to share my food.
The Flavor Justin Would Like to Try Next
Avocado cream cheese would be a good flavor and it would add some healthy fats to the mix. The chive flavor sounds good as well.
This whipped cream cheese lives up to the cream in its title making it easier to spread and overall more enjoyable.

Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese